TL;DR: Even though the Windows scenario has improved a lot, it’s been a frustrating experience overall. It started great but I soon hit ridiculous pitfalls that made me return to Linux.

(This post is a work in progress)

Post structure:

  • Things that work well:
    • bash support with WSL
    • git clone in bash as a work around CRLF line endings
    • IntelliJ is capable of using WSL-based NodeJS
    • ConEmu as a quake style hot-key actioned shell. Capable of running both bash (WSL and WSL 2) and Powershell sessions, among others.
  • Alternatives for Windows: Chocolatey, Jabba
  • WSL: performance and WSL 2 state of the art
  • Pitfall 1: UI interaction from WSL
  • Pitfall 2: Docker & VirtualBox
  • Pitfall 3: Insider program, general instability, frequent updates requiring to reboot
  • Mini-pitfall: problems to install some software in bash (PostgreSQL)