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Poolish bread recipe calculator

This is an ingredient calculator for breads with poolish preferment. All quantities are expressed in grams. All yeast quantities are assumed to be of dry yeast, unless noted otherwise. If you're using fresh yeast, you'll have to multiply it by 3.

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Recipe parameters

Desired dough weight:

Desired dough hydration:

Pro-tip: Use a high hydration setting (~80%) for whole-grain breads. The dough will be harder to handle but you'll get the best results.

Poolish parameters

Poolish percentage:

Hydration percentage:

Yeast percentage:

A poolish is a wet (between 100% and 125% of hydration) preferment prepared at room temperature. You can adjust the starter yeast amount depending on the time you want (or have).

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Parameters for the rest of the dough

Salt percentage:

Yeast percentage:

You can provide an extra kick of yeast in the dough